Welcome to ProteinSimple's online store

Welcome to our online store! At present we offer online shopping to US customers only. Please see details below if you are outside the US or would like to place an order by phone, fax or email. Please note that you need to login before shopping — once you have logged in, the "Add to cart" button will be displayed.

For International Orders or Questions

Please contact Customer Service:

Ordering with a Credit Card

Many of our products can be ordered online using a credit card. Additionally, orders can be placed by telephone using a credit card.

Ordering with a Purchase Order

When using a purchase order, please contact Customer Service via telephone, fax or e-mail. Purchase orders should include the following information:

  • Your name, telephone number, and fax number
  • Full invoicing and shipping addresses
  • Purchase order number for tracking purposes
  • ProteinSimple's part number
  • Quantity Pricing
  • In Europe, please provide your VAT number
  • Any special requirements

Obtaining a Quote

To obtain a quote, please contact Customer Service directly by telephone or e-mail.

Sales Tax

ProteinSimple charge applicable sales tax on all purchases. If your organization is tax-exempt, please email your Tax Exempt Certificate to orders@proteinsimple.com . In the Attention field, please write "Tax exempt" and include the order number from your ProteinSimple online purchase. After we verify your organization's tax-exempt status, we will set your account profile to no longer be charged sales tax.